Website Maintenance


Why should you choose a website maintenance package?

It’s Easy! Most companies will hire a full time web developer with the average salary of $55,000 – $85,000 a year to keep your site up to date and with fresh new content. On average that is having someone on standby for 160 hours a month.

Even most freelance web designers will charge you hourly rates that can range up to $150. If you have a basic site you may be pretty safe and only spend a couple hours’ worth – but, if you have a developed site it can be pricey. Here at KC Web Designs we put the client first by offering low monthly rates. No job too big or small this covers downtime, broken links, adding content such as images or verbiage.

Think you can literally saves thousands every year just by using our maintenance plans. We are available 24/7 including holidays to make changes to any site, blog or social networks.

  • Basic

  • $349

    per month

  • Keywords10 Hours
  • Blog Writing$75 Overage
  • Article WritingWeekly Reporting
  • Standard

  • $549

    per month

  • Keywords20 Hours
  • Blog Writing$65 Overage
  • Article WritingWeekly Reporting
  • Premier

  • $749

    per month

  • Keywords30 Hours
  • Blog Writing$55 Overage
  • Article WritingWeekly Reporting
  • Max

  • $949

    per month

  • Keywords40 Hours
  • Blog Writing$45 Overage
  • Article WritingWeekly Reporting

looking for website maintenance services

If you are looking for website maintenance services that are unmatched then you should opt for KC Web Designs. It’s one of the website maintenance companies offering extensive services that meet all the client’s needs. With the cost of maintaining a website on the rise, you can be rest assured that all our cost are reduced to cater for your ever growing need. Their website maintenance packages are subsidized so that you can get value for your money. Aside from that, they can take you through the process on how to update a website so that you can also undertake any updates in-house.

The good thing about website maintenance companies that have been in the market for a long time is that they will always have a package that has slashed the cost of maintaining a website. KC Web Designs is one of the websites maintenance that has an open plan which outlines the hourly website maintenance fees charged. The website maintenance packages are also packaged in such a way that will suit both big and small businesses.